Atlas from Playfair+

The Ultimate Data Visualization Tool

With Atlas, users can easily create beautiful, informative, and interactive data visualizations from templates designed to streamline and speed up their workflow.

      The Atlas Difference
    A comprehensive resource for chart-type selection
   Downloadable workbooks for your own customization
   Integrated Playfair+ tutorials for each chart-type template
   New visualizations and features are updated frequently

   Included with every Lifetime Membership to Playfair+




How to Use
Atlas from Playfair+

Want to take Atlas for a test drive before joining our visual analytics platform? See, interact, and download the preview version, which includes several chart types invented by our namesake, William Playfair.

The premium version of Atlas is included with every Lifetime Membership to Playfair+.

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What You Should Know

13+ Chart Types & Counting

Fully Customizable Dashboards

Related Content and Tutorials

UI/UX Ready Designs

Downloadable templates

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Atlas features 13+ customizable chart types with new workbooks being added all the time.


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