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Tableau Training with Ryan Sleeper

Are you looking for the best way to get yourself or your organization up to speed with Tableau Desktop and data visualization?

Ryan Sleeper – the only person in the world to earn the titles of Tableau Zen Master, Tableau Iron Viz Champion, and Tableau Public Viz of the Year author – has designed a unique curriculum that combines tactical Tableau Desktop training with his own proprietary strategies to help your company get the most out of their investment in the software.

Two-day, all-inclusive public events are currently scheduled in Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Orlando.

A half-day, Tableau Prep workshop is scheduled in Kansas City.

Ryan is also available for private, on-site Tableau training.

Who Should Attend?

Tableau is the third-fastest growing job skill. Don’t get left behind! This immersive workshop is for anyone who wants to learn not only how to use Tableau, but also how to create actionable data visualizations that provide value to your organization. There are no required prerequisites. You will be a proficient Tableau user after these two days.


There is something for everyone in this course. Even if the fundamentals are a review for you, you will pick up proprietary strategies and tactics that the trainer personally uses with unprecedented success.

Tableau is the Third-Fastest Growing Job Skill. Don't Get Left Behind!

Learning From the Best Makes the Difference.

  • Proven to help new or beginning Tableau users become proficient in the software in a matter of hours
  • An experienced instructor who has trained thousands of users
  • Proprietary curriculum designed from scratch
  • Combination of tactical Tableau training, data storytelling, design theory, and data visualization strategy
  • Over 20 hands-on exercises with personal feedback and instruction
Laptop - Learning From the Best Makes the Difference.

What's On The Agenda?

Tableau & Data Visualization Fundamentals

We’ll start from the beginning and learn how to connect to data, cover Tableau Desktop fundamentals, discuss the science behind why data visualization works, and practice making some of the most effective chart types.

Technical Feature Deep Dives

After learning the essentials, we’ll discuss many of the technical aspects of Tableau Desktop such as custom calculations, parameters, and sets and how they can be used in real-world applications to help you get the most out of the software.

Dashboards & Strategy

We’ll tie together the examples built in the first two sessions by building dashboards. Then Ryan will share the strategies and storytelling tactics he uses at Playfair Data to help your dashboards cause action within your organization.

Advanced Tableau Training

Be the know it all at your office. During this session, you’ll learn how to better control your data, tips for improving the performance of your dashboards, the ins and outs of several advanced chart types, and some of Ryan’s favorite tricks.

What do you get?

In addition to walking away with tangible new skills, every training attendee receives:

  • A printed copy of Ryan’s book, Practical Tableau
  • Lifetime membership to Playfair Data TV, an online learning platform
  • Custom notebook and USB drive with sample datasets and other bonus material
  • Morning coffee, continental breakfast, buffet lunch
  • Networking opportunities
  • Individual instruction and feedback during the 20+ hands-on exercises, and more
Laptop - What do you get?

Reserve Your Seat

All-inclusive, two-day Tableau training events are currently scheduled in:

About the Instructor

Ryan Sleeper is founder and principal consultant at Playfair Data and has consulted with dozens of the world’s best-known brands. He is author of the book Practical Tableau: 100 Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies from a Tableau Zen Master and has shared his data visualization strategies worldwide, including speaking engagements in London, Tokyo, Toronto, and Singapore. Ryan has the unique distinction of being one of only 34 current Tableau Zen Masters in the world, one of ten Tableau Iron Viz champions in the world, and one of four Tableau Public Visualization of the Year authors.

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