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Virtual Tableau Training

Learn Tableau and data visualization from the comfort of your own computer directly from our world-class instructors.

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“Hands down the best technical training I have ever attended.”

Why Playfair Data’s virtual training is better:


Dedicated administrative support

Have a question? A real person will work with you directly to make sure you’re set up for a successful training.


Audio / Video Production On-Site

Dedicated audio / video production on-site at Playfair Data’s studios for the entirety of the training – ensuring that you receive the highest quality experience.


Expert Support

Dedicated expert support available to provide additional resources and answer questions directly throughout the course.


Complimentary Playfair+ Subscription

Every attendee receives one year of Annual membership to Playfair Data’s on-demand Tableau training platform, Playfair+. This allows you to review content and learn new techniques after the training at your own pace.


Hosted on Playfair Data’s proprietary platform

Playfair+ was specifically designed to host virtual training events, allowing us to share additional resources, live chat applications, and even workbooks of where we leave off each day – helping you retain the covered material.


Access to Recorded Livestreams

While every event is LIVE, making every training slightly different, every session will be recorded. As an attendee, you will have immediate access to each day’s recording, helping you review key concepts at your own pace.

Adapting to a changing work environment

Since 2017, Playfair Data’s “Flagship Class” has enabled thousands of Tableau and Power BI authors to get the most out of the software. In 2020, we were proud to introduce a virtual version of our proprietary curriculum – allowing attendees to join from around the world.

Since then, the work environment continues to evolve and drive adaptation. And while we always enjoy hanging out in person at a public or exclusive event, we also enjoy sharing our approaches on a global scale.

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