The Visual Analytics Consultancy

About Playfair Data

Playfair Data is an end-to-end visual analytics consultancy specializing in analytics strategy, data engineering, data science, data visualization, and training.

We believe the key to translating data is balancing advanced analytics with data visualization – which is why our name is a nod to the inventor of data visualization, William Playfair.

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The Visual Analytics Consultancy

Playfair Data and Playfair+ are helping 71% of the current Fortune 100 unlock the true value of their data.

About Playfair Data

Since 2017, our team of business strategists, data engineers, and data visualization specialists has built hundreds of visual analytics tools to help our clients translate raw data into valuable insights.

It turns out we were onto something with our strategic frameworks and innovative solutions. We also understand that some clients prefer to “learn to fish” and take over the maintenance and enhancements of the projects that we build together.

That’s why today, Playfair Data is happy to partner with you as an extension of your analytics team or provide best-in-class training programs to help you stay on the cutting edge.

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Where we started.

Playfair Data was founded by Ryan Sleeper, the only person in the world to earn the titles of Tableau Visionary, Tableau Global Iron Viz Champion, and Tableau Public Visualization of the Year author.

Ryan started Playfair Data as a way to make a larger impact on the world with data.

Ryan Sleeper at Data Day Out Singapore

Where we’re going.

One of our core values is continuous improvement.

It’s exciting to us to know that for everything we’ve accomplished, we’re also just getting started. If you’re looking for a partner to team up with to take your data to new heights – contact us today.


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