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Swifts are customizable Tableau workbook templates that are designed to address common analytics challenges. All Lifetime Playfair+ members receive full access to our growing portfolio, which currently includes Google Analytics 4, Asana Project Management, and Tableau Cloud Usage.

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Google Analytics (GA4)

The GA4 Swift from Playfair Data addresses the common challenge faced by many businesses this year following the introduction of Google Analytics 4 (“GA4”). This tool makes it effortless to view website performance at a glance, choose critical performance indicators on the fly, and even create multiple custom visualizations with the click of a button.

Swift - Google Analytics 4

Tableau Cloud Usage

Do you know how your dashboards are performing? With this tool, Tableau Cloud Administrators can evaluate the adoption of their portfolio, identify areas for optimization, and measure the impact of their dashboards in seconds!

Swift - Tableau Cloud Usage

Asana Project Management

Explore our custom-designed dashboard template for Asana project management and workflow efficiency at a glance. Create target capacity ranges, choose between story points or hours tracking, and even advanced filtering for sprint reviews and strategic road mapping.

Agile Project Management Tracker Swift
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Playfair Data - GA4 Swift1
Playfair Data - GA4 Swift2
Playfair Data - GA4 Swift3
Playfair Data - GA4 Swift4
Playfair Data - Tableau Cloud Usage Swift Thumbnail
Playfair Data - Tableau Cloud Usage Swift1
Playfair Data - Tableau Cloud Usage Swift2
Playfair Data - Tableau Cloud Usage Swift3
Playfair Data - Tableau Cloud Usage Swift4
Playfair Data - Asana Project Management Swift Thumbnail
Playfair Data - Asana Project Management Swift1
Playfair Data - Asana Project Management Swift2
Playfair Data - Asana Project Management Swift3
Playfair Data - Asana Project Management Swift4
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 Access to our growing portfolio of expertly-crafted Tableau workbook templates is included for every Lifetime Playfair+ member.

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