Playfair Data Services

End-to-end visual analytics consulting services

Playfair Data is an end-to-end analytics consulting agency with a focus on advanced analytics, visual interface design, and data visualization.

To fulfill our purpose of positively impacting the world by improving how data is translated into insight, we offer the following consulting services.

Data Analytics Strategy

Playfair Data offers several strategic frameworks to help our clients get the most out of data, including the Decision-Ready Data, SEA(D), and Triple Crown frameworks – just to name a few.

  • Setting business objectives for your dashboards
  • Brainstorming practical cases for applying advanced analytics
  • Planning a course for a successful analytics program
Decision-ready strategy developed by Playfair Data

Data Engineering

We engineer, optimize, and automate data workflows to prepare data for analysis.

  • Best-in-class languages and tools including SQL, Alteryx, and Tableau Prep
  • Consolidate disparate data sources through joins, unions, and other transformations
  • Automate pipelines through ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, Alteryx Gallery, or Tableau Prep Conductor
Data engineering is one of Playfair Data's core capabilities

Decision Science

Gone are the days of basing decisions on opinions alone – or at least they should be! Save time and effort with Playfair Data’s expert Decision Science services.

  • Ensuring your findings are statistically significant by applying scientific methods of analysis
  • Implementing anomaly detection and alert systems through machine learning for immediately recognizable insights
  • Augmenting analytics teams with our experienced data scientists
Playfair Data uses data science to find insights

Tableau Engineering

With over a decade of experience, four Tableau books, our own eLearning platform, and a proprietary Tableau training curriculum, we know Tableau.

If we don’t already have a solution to your Tableau engineering need, we will create one.

Playfair Data creates custom chart types

User Experience Design

Our trained user experience designers bridge the gap between technical expertise and stakeholders by creating intuitive interfaces that guide users to valuable insights.

Playfair Data uses UX Design to build visual analytics tools

Graphic Design

We believe that visual analytics tools should look great, and we’re not just talking about making pretty charts and graphs.

We believe that visual design leads to improved engagement and credibility, giving our deliverables the best chance at causing real actions within your organization.

Playfair Data uses graphic design to enhance visual analytics tools

Personalized Data Visualization

We believe in the power of data visualization as the tool for translating raw data into valuable insights so much that we are named after William Playfair, inventor of the bar chart, line graph, and pie chart.

Let us combine our award-winning team, with the best tools available, with the services listed here to help you unlock the true value of your data.

Technology Stack

Our team has deep technical expertise across a best-in-class technology stack that includes Tableau Prep, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Alteryx, Figma, and the Adobe creative suite.

Let us get to work using these tools to improve the return on your investment in data.

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