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With corporate Playfair+ memberships, you get a single go-to resource for visual analytics, central administrative set-up and support, project management and usage tools, and more.

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What You Should Know

Designed for analytics teams of 20 or more

Centralized account set-up and administrative support

Company branding on user account dashboards

Digital credentials to prove team proficiency in visual analytics

Plug-and-play dashboard templates for company use

How it works


Inquire about a corporate Playfair+ membership from a business email address

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We’ll provide details and/or a private tour of all the benefits from a Playfair+ instructor


We’ll provide one central proposal and invoice


A Playfair+ administrator will set up your entire team on the platform


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Empowering the best analytics teams everywhere.

Playfair+ ensures your organization stays on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving practice of data analytics through training, proficiency testing, and industry-leading dashboard templates.

We’re honored to be trusted by 71 of the current Fortune 100.

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