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How to Make a Global Reset Button in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Reset Your Filters With One Click of a Button Ryan demonstrates how to use parameters as filters and how to…

How to Make Custom Menus in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Take Drop-Down Menus Beyond Basic Formatting and User Experience Move beyond Tableau’s default formatting and UX options by learning how…

How to Improve the UX of Stacked Bar Charts in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Create Stacked Bar Charts Formatted For a Positive User Experience Ryan demonstrates how to make stacked bar charts in Tableau,…

Tips for Formatting Text Tables in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Unlock complete flexibility for Tableau crosstabs Learn how to take Tableau text tables beyond the defaults by (1) creating tables…

The Parallels Between Storytelling and Data Visualization


Ryan Sleeper

Undeniable links between graphs and old-school storytelling This video discusses the three elements found within every story and how those…

Tableau Dashboard Element: The Global Filters Tab


Ryan Sleeper

Keep dashboards clean while maintaining filtering flexibility Ryan shares how to maintain a minimalist design when your stakeholders ask to…

Storytelling Tip: Know Your Audience


Ryan Sleeper

Connect with your audience to improve the chance of action It doesn’t matter how good your data visualization is, how…

Storytelling Tip: Don’t Neglect the Set-Up


Ryan Sleeper

Provide Context so Your Users Can Find Insights and Take Action Ryan shares his very first Tableau Public visualization and…

How to Use Parameter Actions to Change Date Parts in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Conveniently change line graphs between days / weeks / months Make your line graphs more useful by allowing your audience…