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With Guides from Playfair+, learn how to maintain and improve your data projects with hand-picked content from the Playfair Data team. Custom Guides provide visual documentation, brand guidelines, and integrated links tailored specifically to visualizations and dashboard elements we build together, ensuring consistency and optimum maintenance for your most critical Tableau projects.

Maintain and Improve
Your Visual Analytics

Insights from Playfair Data experts provide the foundation for the continuing education of your analysts, supporting your organization by providing authoritative perspectives on engineering, visualization, and strategy.

This approach bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, empowering users to effectively optimize and maintain their own dashboards.

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Custom Recommendations Based on Your Dashboards

Insights from the Expert Team at Playfair Data

Elevate Your Team’s Visual Analytics

Hand-Selected Content Linked Directly Within the Tool

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Custom-made Guides from our team of experts are available as an add-on for every Lifetime Playfair+ member.

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