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Tableau Box Plots, Disaggregating Measures, and Explain Data


Ryan Sleeper

Visualize and Analyze the Distribution of Your Data Ryan Sleeper explains aggregation and disaggregation which are critical analytics concepts for…

Using the (M)OST Model to Create Dashboard Objectives


Ryan Sleeper

How to Create SMART Objectives to Make Your Dashboards Actionable Ryan talks about how mission statements, objectives, strategies and tactics…

Triple Crown Framework for Data Visualization: Data


Ryan Sleeper

“You can’t have data visualization without data.” Ryan shares tips around this critical pillar of data analytics and visualization. Hear…

The Easy Way to Make Rounded Gantt Charts in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Make Project Plans More Engaging with One Simple Trick Ryan shows you how to: (1) make a traditional Gantt chart…

Tableau Classification: Measure vs. Dimension


Ryan Sleeper

Understand the foundation for slicing and dicing fields One of the critical ways Tableau classifies fields is as dimensions and…

Tableau Classification: Discrete vs. Continuous


Ryan Sleeper

Will you choose the green pill or the blue pill? Another critical field classification is discrete vs. continuous. Ryan explains…

Shaping Data for Use with Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Start on the right foot by properly preparing data for Tableau The single biggest barrier to Tableau adoption is properly…

Organizing Dimensions and Measures in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Improve your authoring experience with these organization tips The larger a dataset becomes, the more challenging it can be to…

How to Use Control Sheets for Better Parameter Actions


Ryan Sleeper

Control any parameter actions scenario with a second data source One drawback to parameter actions is the value you want…