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The Definitive Guide to Tableau’s Analytics Pane


Ethan Lang

Benchmarking, Modeling, Forecasting, and More In this live webinar on the Analytics pane in Tableau, join Ethan as he does…

Six Components of Layered Graphics


Ethan Lang

Six Components of Layered Graphics Layering graphics is a technique found everywhere in data visualization. From coding in R to…

Using the (M)OST Model to Create Dashboard Objectives


Ryan Sleeper

How to Create SMART Objectives to Make Your Dashboards Actionable Ryan talks about how mission statements, objectives, strategies and tactics…

Why do we visualize data?


Ryan Sleeper

Find and communicate actionable insights See for yourself how preattentive attributes like color help you instantly answer business questions. Ryan…

Two Types of Data Stories and Tactics for Handling Each


Ryan Sleeper

When we know the outcome vs. making our user part of the story Did you know there are two types…

Triple Crown Framework for Data Visualization: Psychology


Ryan Sleeper

Use Psychological Schemas to Help Your Audience Process Your Visualization Ryan explains psychological schemas and shows you how to tap…

Triple Crown Framework for Data Visualization: Data


Ryan Sleeper

“You can’t have data visualization without data.” Ryan shares tips around this critical pillar of data analytics and visualization. Hear…

The Decision-Ready Dashboard Framework


Ryan Sleeper

A Proven Framework for Visual Analytics Success Ryan shares the Decision-Ready Dashboard Framework, Playfair Data’s strategic approach to building world-class…

Tableau’s Product Ecosystem


Ryan Sleeper

Tableau’s Creator, Explorer, and Viewer License Options Which Tableau product is best for you? It’s important to remember that Tableau…