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Announcing Playfair Data TV: An Online Tableau Learning Platform


Announcing Playfair Data TV Ryan SleeperI’m excited to share the launch of my latest project: Playfair Data TV. Playfair Data TV is an online learning platform that includes Tableau video tutorials across eight tracks. At launch, there are 26 videos – totaling over 3 hours of training – spanning fundamentals, chart types, dashboards, technical features, advanced topics, and tips. New videos will be added every month following the beta period (ending 9/30/2018).

We’ve invested a lot into making this the best resource it can be. Members receive exclusive access to every full-length, high-quality video tutorial as well as their own dashboard to keep track of their bookmarked lessons. Playfair Data TV offers monthly subscriptions that can be cancelled any time or lifetime memberships that will provide the member access to anything added to the platform in the future. Note that if you plan to attend one of my live training events, a lifetime membership is included with your ticket.

You can preview all video content even if you are not signed in. When not signed in, you will see a one-minute preview video and be able to read the video’s transcript. When signed in, you will see ad-free, full-length videos, transcripts, and related content. There is also one full-length preview for each track:

Fundamentals: Tableau Classification – Discrete Versus Continuous
Technical Features: An Introduction to Sorting in Tableau
Dashboards: How to Add a Button to a Tableau Dashboard
Chart Types: 3 Ways to Make Lovely Line Graphs in Tableau
Tips: How to Dynamically Format Numbers in Tableau
Advanced: An Introduction to Tableau Level of detail Expressions

I hope you’ll consider Playfair Data TV as your go-to Tableau learning resource and provide any feedback that will help make the site even better for future members.

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Thanks for rea- watching!
– Ryan