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Six Components of Layered Graphics


Ethan Lang

Six Components of Layered Graphics Layering graphics is a technique found everywhere in data visualization. From coding in R to…

How to Make a Custom Color Picker in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Dynamically Change Background and Marks with a Single Click Color is an essential asset to branding, engagement, and storytelling. In…

How to Make Custom Menus in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Take Drop-Down Menus Beyond Basic Formatting and User Experience Move beyond Tableau’s default formatting and UX options by learning how…

3 Creative Ways to Use Transparent Sheets in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Unlock new design possibilities by layering sheets and graphics You’ll see how to add: (1) a trend line in the…

Using the (M)OST Model to Create Dashboard Objectives


Ryan Sleeper

How to Create SMART Objectives to Make Your Dashboards Actionable Ryan talks about how mission statements, objectives, strategies and tactics…

The Parallels Between Storytelling and Data Visualization


Ryan Sleeper

Undeniable links between graphs and old-school storytelling This video discusses the three elements found within every story and how those…

The Decision-Ready Dashboard Framework


Ryan Sleeper

A Proven Framework for Visual Analytics Success Ryan shares the Decision-Ready Dashboard Framework, Playfair Data’s strategic approach to building world-class…

Tableau Dashboard Element: The Parameterized Scatter Plot


Ryan Sleeper

Transfer the Control of a Prescriptive Analysis to Your Audience Ryan shows you how to use parameters that control the…

Tableau Dashboard Element: The Global Filters Tab


Ryan Sleeper

Keep dashboards clean while maintaining filtering flexibility Ryan shares how to maintain a minimalist design when your stakeholders ask to…