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The Definitive Guide to Tableau’s Analytics Pane (Part 2)


Ethan Lang

Average Lines, Modeling, the Custom Section, and More In part two of our series on the Analytics pane in Tableau,…

The Definitive Guide to Tableau’s Analytics Pane (Part 1)


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Constant Lines, Average Lines, Median with Quartiles, and Box Plots In part one of our series on the Analytics pane…

3 Ways to Make Beautiful Bar Charts in Tableau


Ryan Sleeper

Adding love for bar charts by showing you how to make them more engaging in Tableau This video shows how…

3 Ways to Make Lovely Line Graphs in Tableau


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Cementing line graphs as a top choice for your Tableau data visualizations by making them more engaging This video shares…

3 Ways to Make Handsome Highlight Tables in Tableau


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Improve on the ‘gateway’ chart to data visualization Highlight tables help smooth the Excel transition by introducing the preattentive attribute…

Why do we visualize data?


Ryan Sleeper

Find and communicate actionable insights See for yourself how preattentive attributes like color help you instantly answer business questions. Ryan…

When in Doubt in Tableau Then Right-Click


Ryan Sleeper

One of my favorite shortcuts for getting hints on how to move forward in Tableau Right-clicking in Tableau often provides…

Tableau’s Detail Marks Card and Visualization Level of Detail


Ryan Sleeper

Learn to control the granularity of an analysis Every visualization in Tableau has a “level of detail”. Understanding this aspect…

Tableau’s Product Ecosystem


Ryan Sleeper

Tableau’s Creator, Explorer, and Viewer License Options Which Tableau product is best for you? It’s important to remember that Tableau…