Hear My Interview with the Tableau Wanna Be Podcast at TC London 2017

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The Tableau Conference On Tour: London just wrapped up last week, and I’m grateful to have been there for the first time. As with the US conference, the event was packed with networking, big-name keynotes, enlightening customer stories – and of course – a huge party. I can’t possibly do a proper conference review justice, but if you’re interested, here is a great TC17 London review from a new friend, Louise Shorten.

For me, the biggest highlights were hearing where Tableau is going next (and by the end of this year!), catching up with some old friends, and making some new ones. There was a down-to-earth and accessible vibe reminiscent of my very first Tableau conference in San Diego (2012). Thanks to everyone I spoke with for the warm welcome and conversations.

One of those conversations was with Matt Francis and Emily Kund of the Tableau Wanna Be Podcast. I have been a longtime fan of both Matt and Emily, as well as a longtime listener of their podcast – which just crossed the 100-episode milestone. In the 25-minute interview below, you can expect to hear the following:

– My Tableau story
– Sources of inspiration (Hint: it’s you!)
– Thoughts on style
– Icons vs. chartjunk
– An update on Practical Tableau
– Background on Ryan Sleeper, LLC
– My three wishes for data visualization
– More on ‘knowing your audience’

Thanks for listening,
– Ryan

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