In the post and video, Why do you visualize data?, I share my exercise for educating stakeholders on the value of data visualization and show how the preattentive attribute of color helps us translate a raw spreadsheet of numbers into insights. Preattentive attributes are what make data visualization go. We are so good at processing them that they help us make sense of even the largest of datasets almost instantly.

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That’s why the latest animation in the Playfair Data Presents series is about this critical aspect of data visualization. You will see how some of the most powerful preattentive attributes across the categories of Color, Form, and Motion help bring data points to life. We’re hoping this resource will help you educate your own audience and provide a spark of motivation for your next data visualization.

Playfair Data presents: Preattentive attributes

More from the Playfair Data Presents series: Data-Ink Ratio and How to Apply it in Tableau

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