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Playfair Data is proud to offer Playfair Data TV – a premier video training resource for learning Tableau, data visualization, analytics, and strategy. New video tutorials from some of the world’s most accomplished Tableau users are added every month.

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Online Tableau Training, Tableau Tips, & Video Tutorials

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You’ll learn the “five things I wish I knew the first day I used Tableau” and much more. This track provides the prerequisites needed to execute the many Tableau tips shared later in the course.

  • Tableau’s Product Ecosystem
  • Shaping Data for Use with Tableau
  • Connecting to Data in Tableau
  • Tableau Classification: Measure vs. Dimension
  • Tableau Classification: Discrete vs. Continuous
  • Getting a Lay of the Land in Tableau
  • 5 Things I Do When Working With Data for the First Time
  • 5 Ways to Make a Bar Chart in tableau and An Introduction to Aggregation
  • When in Doubt in Tableau Then Right-Click
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Technical Features

Tableau comes out of the box with dozens of technical features. Learn Tableau’s capabilities and how these features can improve your data analyses.

  • An Introduction to Tableau Calculated Fields
  • An Introduction to Tableau Parameters
  • An Introduction to Tableau's Show Me Feature
  • An Introduction to Sorting in Tableau
  • Four Types of Filters in Tableau
  • An Introduction to Tableau Sets
  • An Introduction to Tableau Table Calculations
  • Exercise: Sales and Month over Month Sales
  • 3 Ways to Use Tableau's Describe Feature
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You’ll learn how to tie together individual worksheets into a cohesive dashboard view. Along the way, Ryan will share some of his favorite tactics.

  • Making Your First Tableau Dashboard (Part 1)
  • Making Your First Tableau Dashboard (Part 2)
  • An Introduction to Tableau Dashboard Actions
  • Tableau Dashboard Element: The Current Versus Comparison Callout
  • Tableau Dashboard Element: The Global Filters Tab
  • How to Add a Button to a Tableau Dashboard
  • How to Add a Filter in Use Alert to a Tableau Dashboard
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Chart Types

You’ll learn innovative twists on Tableau’s 24 out-of-the-box “Show Me” charts, advanced graphs, and much more.

  • 3 Ways to Make Beautiful Bar Charts in Tableau
  • 3 Ways to Make Lovely Line Graphs in Tableau
  • How to Make Dual-Axis Combination Charts in Tableau and Some Creative Applications
  • Exercise: Dual-Axis Combination Chart
  • 3 Ways to Make Handsome Highlight Tables
  • 3 Ways to Make Stunning Scatter Plots in Tableau
  • Exercise: Make a Scatter Plot in Tableau
  • An Introduction to Mapping in Tableau
  • Exercise: Dual-Axis Map in Tableau
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In this track, Ryan goes off-script and shows you many of his favorite Tableau tips, hacks, and tutorials.

  • How to Dynamically Format Numbers in Tableau
  • How to Conditionally Format Individual Rows and Columns in Tableau Like You Can in Excel
  • How to Allow Users to Choose Dimensions and Measures in Tableau
  • Exercise: Sales by Category, Region, Segment, or Ship Mode
  • Using Tableau’s INDEX() Function for Easier Top N Filtering
  • How to Make Dynamic Tooltips in Tableau
  • How to Add an Image to a Tableau Tooltip
  • How to do Automatic Anomaly Detection in Tableau
  • How to Make Rounded Gauges in Tableau
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It’s not enough to master the tactics in Tableau. In this track, Ryan will walk you through three different strategic frameworks for Tableau to maximize the effectiveness of your data visualizations.

  • Vital Strategy Question 1: Who is the Audience?
  • Vital Strategy Question 2: What is the Measurement of Success?
  • Why do we visualize data?
  • Four Types of Analytics in Tableau
  • Decision-Ready Dashboard Framework: Discovery
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There are some intangible aspects of data visualization that must be considered to make your work as actionable as possible. This track provides tips for applying storytelling techniques to your dashboards.

  • The Parallels Between Storytelling and Data Visualization
  • Two Types of Data Stories and Tactics for Handling Each
  • An Analogy for Data Visualization
  • Storytelling Tip: Know Your Audience
  • 3 Ways to Smooth the Excel Transition
  • Storytelling with Color Tips
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Be the know it all at your office. During this track, Ryan will show you how to build several advanced chart types, share some of his favorite Tableau tricks, and more.

  • An Introduction to Level of Detail Expressions
  • How to Use LOD Expressions to Create Benchmarks
  • Exercise: Use LODs to Compare Sales to a Benchmark
  • How to Normalize Current Dates and Prior Dates on One Axis in Tableau
  • Using Tableau’s Parameter Actions Extension to Change Date Parts
  • Two Ways to Dynamically Display the Top N vs Other in Tableau
  • How to Pass Filters and/or Parameters Between Tableau Workbooks
  • How to Automatically Highlight Highs and Lows in Tableau

A Flexible Tableau Training Option

If you’re not able to attend one of our public Tableau training events, host a private training at your company, or you prefer a self-guided format, complement your learning with a monthly, annual, or lifetime membership to our on-demand Tableau learning platform.

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  • Full transcripts and closed-captioning for every video
  • Links to related videos, blog posts, and data visualizations for each tutorial
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By becoming a member of Playfair Data TV, you will learn Tableau at your own pace from one of the world's most accomplished Tableau trainers. Our monthly subscriptions or lifetime memberships provide exclusive access to every Tableau tip, data visualization strategy, and tutorial we have to offer. On top of that, new video content is added every single month for no additional cost!